Monday, June 09, 2008

When it Comes to Coffee, I Guess You Could Say I'm a Social Drinker

Well, I did stop cold turkey. One day I just stopped making my usual 12-cup pot and drinking half or more of the pot each morning. As I blogged soon afterward, I felt horrible for a couple of days without it. You would think that would be enough deterrent, but no. I didn't make myself pots of coffee in the morning, but found substitutes...Dr. ice cream. Only for a little while, and then that subsided. Except...
Social situations make dabbling in just a little caffeine so justifiable! We have our friend Jay over each Sunday these days, and he loves Dr. Pepper. Bless his heart. I buy a 2-liter for each Sunday, for him of course, but he only drinks a glass or so of it. It doesn't last the week. Then I went to have Tim do his year-end testing for homeschooling with my friend Lanae, and of course since she drove, I treated her to a latte. Well, you can't do that and not have one yourself, and one just doesn't do that much harm. Okay, then there are the two times that Katie and I have shared coffee shakes at Jack-in-the-Box. Those are so good--like liquid coffee ice cream with whipped cream and a cherry on top. (Sigh.)
Other than that I've done fairly well...but that's in a fairly short timeframe. I guess you could say I have an addiction. At least if I drink and drive I'm not endangering anyone, unless I get too distracted fishing my maraschino cherry out of the whipping cream at the bottom of the cup--boy, it's a mess reaching in there--whoa, better keep my eyes on the road. Watch out for me, these days. I'm dangerous!

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