Saturday, June 28, 2008

Plans Can Change in a Snap--or a Whap

Not likely to express my wordy self at full length today. We were loading some stuff for the dump, and the heavy metal drawers of the desk piece slid fast and whacked my two fingers hard--nails turning blue in spots--and it throbs, so I have to hold them up, and type one-handed. Praise God that they don't seem to be broken. Pain is a funny thing--I put them under cold water, and the water hurt. I had to just stand with my forehead on the counter, couldn't say anything much or move for a few minutes. After that, though, I went upstairs to find a pain reliever. But my vain wits were about me--"Could you close the garage door?" Didn't want to show off our mess to our new neighbors! And while I was upstairs, I also looked for hem tape, since I'm not likely to go to the fabric store after all. Eureka! I found some in a shade that will work. While all the time holding my hand over my head so it wouldn't throb. So an injury saved me some money and time as well.
I had lots of potential plans for the day that are now not so likely to happen. You never really know what a day will bring forth. I was going to cook to bring some food to the neighbors who are moving in today, and some for a potluck tomorrow at church, and I also had another little project I've been chomping at the bit to get finished. Maybe later today it will stop throbbing and I could; who knows? At least I did catch up on some housekeeping yesterday, and this morning, panicked to wash some dishes. Katie's friend Haley stayed overnight as something of a surprise visit--which I loved--and they accidentally doubled the pancake batter, so she invited three of her siblings over to help finish them off after really making a mess of the kitchen. Which I loved, again--all except that Katie and Haley both showed no evidence of vanity in terms of getting things presentable before they all came. Didn't matter, it was pretty good by the time they got here, and they were all so much fun,sitting eating, talking, laughing, playing with Tim's Star Wars stuff. I'd feed them pancakes any day of the week! So it turned out to be a blessing even aside from all that, also, because while I'm a one-armed "invalid" I don't have to feel like we live in complete chaos, at least for the moment. God is merciful!
So Gary and Tim are off to the dump, and he'll also have to drive Katie to work, rather than me--I was also going to give her a driving lesson, too--funny how your plans can all be altered in a tiny moment and turn you from all busy-ness to a leisurely lounger. I'm glad it was really so minor. Better sore fingers than a heart attack or something!
Proverbs 16:9 In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps.

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