Thursday, June 26, 2008

My Favorite Funny YouTube Videos

While we were at a dinner Tuesday for the family of our friend Lanae who just moved to Denver, the people there started sharing their favorite YouTube videos. Katie has a full arsenal of her own, having been at college where the students and professors eagerly share all the wisdom of the ages--don't they? Anyway, they do eagerly share YouTube videos, for starters. I wonder how they get the homework done...but that's another matter.
I was debating using each of these as individual blog entries, but it would take forever and I have other things to do. But since I want to participate in sharing the wisdom of the ages, or at least a little funny stuff, I will share the addresses for the funny ones that we've been shown rather than a separate blog for each. You might share yours with me, if you would, and we can all get nothing done while we watch these together...ha! "I'm a Man"--takeoff on Mac vs. IBM--done by some students at Katie's college. Short and cute. "Sneezing Panda"--very short, cute, and--not acted out--you could say this is real life! Dismality: "Miss Teen USA 2007 - South Carolina answers a question" "The Front Fell Off"--very funny! Some of Katie's fellow students choreographed this skit for the song "Uptown Girl." They did an amazing job! Gotta watch it to the end. This is "Charlie bit my finger...again" --cutest kid video I know of on YouTube. The BananaPhone song. Very catchy! The Banana Phone song takeoff from the college. Bon Qui Qui at King Burger..."I will cut you" is my new phrase to answer someone who is out of line. Tried it on my Gary while our neighbors were over. Dean our neighbor just about lost it. I just called his wife to make sure it only meant what I thought before I put this on my blog--not something crude but just the meanness you might expect in the context. Whew!

These are the best of the funny YouTubes I know of. I hope you like them!

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