Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Idea of that "List"...Persists!

It seems that lately I've been finding various resources that have to do with changing things for the rest of my (or your?) life--I like to present them to you, thinking that you might find them interesting as well. It sort of goes back to that phrase, "Today is the first day of the rest of your life." Yep. No time like the present to try to make good changes for the future. I know, a lot of the ideas will lie in forgotten corners and rumpled under couches in places, but some might take hold and I might actually improve as a result of having read them.
The bucket list idea has been hit a couple of times on my blog, once with the blog by that title and another time mentioning the book 101 Things to do Before You Go To Heaven...which I've been reading a little bit to even Tim, age 10, who presumably has plenty of time, but who knows? And if he can get started on the right foot at this age, so much the better. Something might actually stick. Ironically, the first item in their book is something like, "Dare to Look Stupid." Well, does a 10-year-old boy have a hard time with that? Maybe we should have a 10-year-old-boy's counterpart book, with the first item being, "Be Afraid to Look Stupid." or, "Dare to Look Smart." Hmm. Okay, I have dibs on book rights!
Anyway, today I went and found an article on Christianity Today's website, A Believer's To-Be List, by Philip Yancey. It has many redeeming features and by its light approach, it does sort of balance out some of the things that we can dutifully read and I present it to you for your review, if you like.
And all this got me thinking about the bucket list again. So rather than look up "bucket list" on google, because it's already "been there, done that," I googled, "things to do before you die." And got a different selection. It's funny, you can tell who's been looking at each other's lists, because they copy one another. And some of these people would have to be multi-millionaires to accomplish their lists. I'm not one, but I might as well be--don't have money in the bank that I would assign to most of the things on mine at this point. Still it's fun to have the list and...well...just have the list, I guess. And I can hardly judge them for copying one another, because I did get some ideas that I might add to mine--though I might change them in the process.
Does it mean something weird about me that I already do or have done some things on these people's lists and never thought of them as a "before you die" sort of thing? One listed singing in the car with the windows down. I do that, if the weather cooperates! If I'm stopped somewhere near other cars, I might roll up the windows or sing more quietly, but there's no guarantee. Sorry if I've ever bugged you by doing it, but I'm not sorry for the joy that makes me do it! I am careful in the neighborhood not to sing in such a way as to wake sleeping neighbors--I think. Some of these list-makers list learning to cook, or even to cook a particular food--what's so hard about reading a recipe and doing it? I don't know, I think these people may need to live it up a little more! Good thing that they have such lists and are working on them.

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