Sunday, June 29, 2008

Mighty Small! We Got the Power!

Our church is small, but it's mighty small! That showed up today when we had a shower for Stephanie, a woman who has had quite the year and a half or so: she accepted that Christ was her Lord and Savior; she got engaged, got married, and is now very much expecting their first child. So the church had a shower for her. Now, I've seen big churches have decent-sized showers, and I would assume that a little church would have a little shower. But this church is no doubt the exception if that is the rule. We had a barbecue and potluck and shower all rolled into one, in place of second service--see, our church knows how to celebrate!
So while she opened her gifts, the men were there, and one of the women encouraged them ahead of time to make sure to do their "oohs" and "aahs" right out loud, not to hold back in order to appear macho. So with every bib, diaper, binky, quilt, and onesie, we would hear the most macho "oohs" and "aahs"--reminiscent of a men's choir. I think we miss out when we make a shower for women only! (You would have thought the gifts were along the lines of fishing licenses and flourescent hats.)
And this little church--the women don't just make one quilt or homemade blanket for the mom--I think there were four. Along with fancy burp rags. It could make a person almost change their mind and want to have a baby--no...still! (And I can't take credit. All of our gift was storebought.)
And the food? Well, no little church can put on a potluck like our church does. Hamburgers, hotdogs, seven-layer salad, watermelon, beans, a huge cake, casseroles, salads--almost like feeding the 5,000. Some neighborhood kids came in and had some too, which made one woman a little nervous. I say, feed them! We have plenty to go around!
How nice, though. I was quite proud of our little church. They know how to put on a swingin' party!

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