Thursday, June 12, 2008

I Like to Bike!

Well, Tim's and my first bike ride on the Centennial Trail was a hit for both of us! He kept thanking me for bringing him out there for a bike ride, and yet, I was enjoying it too--especially if it weren't for the seat of my bike being awfully uncomfortable. We still went quite a bit farther than I thought we'd have gone.
It took us about an hour to get the bike rack on the van for the first time, and the bikes on the bike rack, and the little bike "fanny pack" type thing onto my bike. Meanwhile, our neighbor Kath came out and admired the bike rack. She said her husband and boys were considering making and attaching a homemade bike rack for their trailer, which would involve drilling into the trailer itself--which I can't imagine would be a great idea. I guess she'd never considered getting one that was commercially made. She also expressed amazement at my ability to attach it to the van--which caused me amazement, in turn. Her boys are the junior engineers of the neighborhood, who constantly have ropes and pulleys in various arrangements from their deck, or arranged them to prop up their snowman that almost fell over. Sometimes they've arranged odd trailers out of such things as dolleys or whatever, and used them to ride along behind someone's bike. It's rather remarkable that they don't end up in the hospital after so many of their creative shenanigans, but the only thing I've seen them suffer is a broken collarbone from playing hockey.
I was almost certain that this morning, I'd hardly be able to walk after biking yesterday for the first time in about 30 years. Yet somehow I felt almost unaffected. If it weren't for doing some other strenuous work today, I'd be biking again today (if I got a new seat!). I hope that it ends up being a regular habit for all our family. We could use the exercise, the fresh air, and just the sheer fun of it. Wha-ha! The anticipation adds to the fun of the reality of going!

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