Saturday, May 31, 2008

Unexplained Mysteries of the Universe

I don't have to wrestle with the mysteries of the universe that so many wonder about, such as the meaning of life. Those types of things were solved when I received Christ as my Lord and Savior. Those things are solved and established and I don't have to worry about them. I wonder about universal mysteries such as the following:

1. Who tangles the cords of things that I neatly put in the drawer, so that it takes an hour to untangle them?

2. Why does my junk drawer lose the copies of all my useful keys, and acquire keys that I never had locks to match?

3. Where do I get all the plastic containers and tops that don't match?

4. Socks, too...who eats the socks? Why do they have to eat so many of them? Why can't they ever eat pairs of them? I know, I'm hardly the first that wondered this.

5. When a flock of birds lands on my lawn and hungrily attacks something in it, how do they know it's there? Do they see the grubs? Hear them? Smell them? Do the grubs send out ultrasonic vibrations? This has honestly puzzled me for a long time.

6. Why do some people not like the foods, colors, that I love? Are their taste buds and eye parts built differently from mine? Are their brains wired funny? The fault couldn't be with me...

7. Where does the time go? How is it that the presents that were new when we were married are now antiques? That's scary!

8. How did we end up being such collectors of useless stuff? I don't remember dragging all this home!

9. What made my body suddenly unable to do cartwheels, sleep on the floor or the ground, or stay up all night? It's not fair.

10. What is it about dirt piles, gravel, duct tape, and old tools that attracts males? And why do they love to destroy stuff?

11. Speaking of males, what is 10-year-old Tim up to? I'd better go find out...we do have about 8 mounds of "new" dirt in the park behind us...

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