Saturday, May 31, 2008

Freedom in Christ: Amazing Grace for the Slaves we Once Were

Some months ago, our pastor showed this video at church, and just today it occurred to me that I might find it on YouTube and post it. I think you'll find it a stirring tribute to the source of music to the song "Amazing Grace."
The thing that brought it to mind was an article on Christianity Today's website, "He Still Wid Us - Jesus: The musical theology of spirituals," by Yolanda Y. Smith. Good reading!
That whole subject illustrates vividly how whether we see ourselves as enslaved to another human or to a life of sin, we can all find true hope, freedom, and rest in Jesus Christ alone. I am so glad that Jesus set me free! Amen, Hallelujah!
(The "He Still Wid Us" article is available at; if I edit this afterward to make a link or anything, I keep losing the video.)

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