Friday, May 30, 2008

I Hope You Drove Nice on Drive Nice Day!

I took Katie to the Department of Motor Vehicles today to renew her permit...and we saw this great poster. It's promoting a new holiday to which I am fairly confident most of the world is oblivious. I wonder whether most people noticed that on May 20th people were driving nice for a change? Because, after all, it was Drive Nice Day. I hope you celebrated it.
What if people thought that since May 20th is Drive Nice Day, that the other 364 days of the year, the inverse were true? It would be fairly reasonable to assume that if the days that aren't your birthday are your "unbirthday," then May 21-May 19 are "Drive Nasty Days." We'd better be careful, assigning one day to a virtuous behavior!
It reminds me of those roadside signs that say, "Don't Drink and Drive." Now, if those were really effective, I think they should also have signs that say, "Don't go over the speed limit." "Don't disobey the law." "Be nice to everyone." "Don't murder." Since this poster and this new holiday would indicate that the government thinks they're effective, I think I'll go into the sign-making business. (I'd be tempted to put in a few that say, "Give Connie Money" or "Mow Connie's Lawn"...subliminally printed around all the other lettering, of course.)
Think of the holidays, too! Our calendars could be just chock-full of them. "Did you know it's Don't Murder Day? I was going to murder you, but now I'm going to be nice to you, instead, to celebrate." Katie added, "It's that day tomorrow, too!"

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