Saturday, May 13, 2006

The Wonder of a Bit of ... Dirt

Who would have thought it? Those boys who have been mean to our neighbors on the one side, the boys from our other side, who never talk to us, came over and helped Gary and Tim this afternoon to finish moving the dirt pile from our driveway into the back yard. Wow. The Lord works in mysterious ways!
But it's more mysterious when you know a little more background on it. The other day our mistreated neighbors came and told us the boys were in our dirt pile. Well, I don't want my dirt pile spread all over the neighborhood, and I don't really like the fact that the boys play air-soft-pellet wars using our fence as a guard, which means that they run through our yard all the time and I find the pellets surrounding our house on all sides. Besides I thought the boys might appreciate knowing the contents of said dirt pile. So when I found that they were using it for playtime, I went over there (they had disappeared by this time, knowing that their opponent neighbor had been over), and knocked on their door. The boys were right inside, and they answered. I told them, "You might not want to play in that dirt, because I think it has manure in it." Well, that word has untold power! The best way I can describe it is that they all looked like they'd just swallowed a cup of lime juice...ha! (This comes to mind because of another blog you have to see.)
And they were somewhat talkative today, which they never are. And so the dirt was moved. Maybe being in the middle of disputes isn't as difficult as I thought. Maybe God will bring goodness out of the evildoings that go on here. We'll see. Maybe we need another load of dirt. No, we don't, not any sort.



I've found a pile of dirt to be indispensable in all relationships.

Leila said...

I agree - I knew Andy really loved me when he loaded, and unloaded, bagged chicken manure from our car. What a guy!

Gods girl said...

Well I am glad that the pile is gone. Great post