Tuesday, May 09, 2006

A Glutton set for Punishment

Tonight Tim really hit the jackpot. Some neighbor kids two doors down gave him a DQ ice cream sandwich, very much out of the blue. Then I gave him an Oreo as an incentive to do something. I also allowed him a piece of cake that was left over from the other night. (Note: This is not normal around our house--even having a cake around is aberrant.) He'd finished his dinner and even said it was good--that's two aberrations themselves; no wonder he had me in a good mood, you think?
So later tonight, the rest of us who had none of the former had some ice cream. Well, Tim was indignant, and wanted some too. He could not understand why we could and he couldn't. So I told him that if he had three full-size carrots, he could have some ice cream. (In my experience, food tends to kill my appetite and that's what I'm banking on with the carrots.) He had to peel them himself, which he again protested...but he did peel two. He was eating the first, and Katie made sure I knew he was on his first, not his second, and that the second was sitting on the table but there was no sign of a third. I knew already that this was the case. Tim had the solution, though, in hand. He broke the carrot into two pieces. Well, the one positive aspect of being conniving is that you have to be smart. Still, he has no hope for it to get him anywhere. Between Katie and me, we have him on a fairly tight leash, and he'd have to munch one more full-length carrot than he was hoping before he would get anything more. I was praying that his stomach would reach the limit first. If not at least he'd get his vitamin A as well as his calcium. I could have him run to the stop sign a few times tomorrow as a remedy for the other nutritional elements.
In addition, I'm counting on the fact that God may provide a built-in consequence for such gluttony--a likely stomach ache.

Post-script: At one and a half carrots, Tim started to complain of being full, and wanted me to deem that sufficient, which I would not. Wha-ha! Got him to eat some carrots--all for free. Something in my Scottish element loves that.

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Leila said...

Connie, I shall remember this in the future - along with the mother who, when her son forgot to take out the garbage, took the garbage out herself...to his room...and left it there...