Thursday, May 11, 2006

A Volcanic Solution

Tim called tonight on his way home from baseball practice. Dinner was in the making and he was hungry...I think he wanted a trip to some golden arches somewhere, but no dice. Anyway, in the process he told me that he hit a home run again--second time this season. I told him, "Tim, I'm going to be president of your fan club." He said, "Yeah, that's good. I'll be king." Okay, I think that makes me still second fiddle--but I guess that's a fan's humbling duty.
Then tonight, his fingers were still of a dirty brown hue from his afternoon digging our dirt pile from the front yard to put in our new vegetable garden--combined with whatever particles magnetize to a boy on a baseball field. I told him to wash his hands, which he said he had done. Well, I sent him in to wash again, and he came back still a mud-glazed brown. (I think I have a new alternative to tanning salons--charge girls for the right to roll around in our vegetable garden...) Anyway, then I told him I needed to buy him some Lava Soap to really get that grime to go away. His eyes widened. I told him, "Yeah, you'll be able to tell boys that you wash with rocks from volcanoes." He could hardly wait. "Kids will wonder where I got so black." I said, "The rocks aren't black, they're white--ground pumice." He looked a bit disappointed. "You don't have to tell them it's white. Just that it's from volcanoes." I think he's okay with that. It's definitely top on my list to buy on my next trip to the store.

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