Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Just Another Eventful Day at our House

Today our neighbors brought over the bed they gave to Tim. First, though, we had to get the old one out (good riddance, as far as Tim's concerned), moved some furniture around, and then I had to clean the carpet. It's amazing...I cleaned his carpet three months ago when I painted the room, and I think maybe he tracked up another six pounds of dirt in the meantime. And it's a good thing I got started on that, because I cleaned various other areas of carpet in the house, and probably because of the dirt pile we moved, they needed it badly as well! So I'm exhausted tonight...
In the process of moving the beds around, and Derek the previous bed owner coming over to help install it, I started examining the hermit crab cage (I don't know if you recall, but two of these crabs were given Tim by these same neighbors). Derek commented how he hated those things--one of the surlier ones had been their pet. Anyway, I removed the crabs from the cage since I realized (it's not so great to have animals in kids' rooms if they're not the most attentive caretakers) the cage hadn't been cleaned in a while.
Well, when Tim got this handful of hermit crabs, one got a bit nervous being piled in there with the two others, and clamped onto Tim's hand with all his might. I tried wrestling him loose but it only made it worse. After about 2 or 3 minutes he finally let go, and by then Tim had a purplish area where the creature had found his security. Derek then said, a little triumphantly, "That's why I don't like those things!" I guess he got the same treatment enough to know.
So anyway, Tim took it in pretty good stride, and tonight he was so uncharacteristically eager to go to bed--early. We all worked together to get the sheets on, and he went off to bed in the nicest way he ever has when he wasn't sick.

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I didn't know hermit crabs could be so hostile.