Friday, July 18, 2008

Raspberries and Houseguests put the Extra in Extraordinary

It's a busy week. I suppose they all are! God wants us to be busy, not bored, I'm convinced! Katie has her friend Erica from California here, and they and her friend Haley are busy trying to fill the time as full as possible without it popping. They've had orange chicken at Haley's for lunch and hung around making an O Canada rap video together; they had carne asada at our house for dinner, hung around Haley's house again overnight, and then come back to ours; yesterday we all went raspberry picking--and picked a ton or so. Then they made some jam for Haley to take home. Alas, Erica probably can't take it home on the plane without it bursting. (Today, of course, I will Lord willing be making oodles of jam for ourselves and hopefully for gift giving.) I gave everyone a spoonful of the remaining jam after the jars were filled; I guess I was the only one who loves jam as much as I do. In fact, Erica was skeptical still about the jam, its texture, because actually, she had never tasted jam (she's probably the only one remaining in the U.S. who had never had jam, ever ever). After they made jam, and had carne asada leftovers, they went (as if that wasn't enough activity for a day) to a midnight showing of a Batman movie that Katie balked at but the others talked her into--and came in at 3 a.m. all hating the movie, and slept a good while into the day.
This morning (or was it early afternoon? I don't remember), I made them some pancakes and they put jam on them. I think we've made our case for jam, because Erica liked them with jam on them, didn't use the syrup I also put out. I feel like I did some jam evangelism. If spoon-feeding the gospel were only so easy! And now they are pondering the rest of their day; they've all taken some turns on the computer facebooking with friends and whatnot. I think they'll be out for the afternoon, while I make jam. I'm glad that they are as independent as they are, able to entertain themselves some of the time, because my hospitality is only any good in fits and starts, and then I have to attend to boring stuff like Costco runs and grocery shopping and jam making.
So it's a very ordinary post, on a rather ordinary but also extraordinary day at our house, without a particular point to it. I hope your day is as pleasant as ours, even if it is as ordinary. And may you be blessed with a taste of fresh raspberry jam, as well.

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