Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sing a Little Song of Worship...

Perhaps you've noticed that many secular songs have lyrics that are undeniably worshipful of their object. A few of these lyrics came to mind this morning, and could be applied toward our life in Christ as well:

"Rescue me and take me in Your arms..."
(sung by Aretha Franklin, Rescue Me)

"All of me, why not take all of me;
Can't You see I'm no good without You..."
(sung by Louis Armstrong, All of Me)

"Bend me, shape me any way You want me, long as You love me, it's alright..."
(sung by The American Breed)

"Hopelessly devoted to You."
(sung by Olivia Newton John, Hopelessly Devoted to You)

"Where You lead I will follow, anywhere that You tell me to..."
(sung by Carole King, Where You Lead I Will Follow)

"When no one else can understand me,
When everything I do is wrong,
You give me hope and consolation;
You give me strength to carry on...

"I'll guess I'll never know the reason why
You love me like you do;
That's the wonder,
The wonder of You."
(sung by Elvis Presley, The Wonder of You)

I realize with my choice of songs, I kind of date myself as not exactly being 20 any more...but still, I suppose you get the idea. Next time you get a secular song in your head, see whether it's one with a bit of worship in it...chances are, it is. We all worship something, or someone, or even some idea, even if we don't exactly see it as such. Funny how the words for worshiping mere humanity can be so easily transferable to a more worthy Recipient.
Here is another song that has worship in it, but the words aren't exactly transferable to worshiping God. I love this song anyway; I have to guard against my god being my stomach; I hope you enjoy it too!

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