Saturday, April 26, 2008

Thin, Old and Aching--What a Goal

Gary and I are both recuperating after a day out in the yard. He mowed lawns and dug out dandelions while I tore the flower bed in the front up trying to get the grass out; we both worked also at pruning the plum tree, which is a bit beyond our abilities and the reach of our ladder. My flower bed is such that I stand on the big shovel, and it doesn't penetrate the compacted roots of ground cover and grass combined that have intertwined so well over the last five years. I have to jump a few times on the shovel to make it go through. Then I tear the clump apart to retrieve the useful plants and tear out the weeds. It's slow work, and my forearms have had it for the day! But I love the spring season when after a long time of hanging around indoors and doing less-strenuous things, I can max it out pretty readily in the yard. I hope it hasn't reached the point where a few times of maxing out yard work will only cause things like bursitis instead of muscles that can go the mile.
There's more to do here than we can do; I look forward to the day that we can sell this and buy something more manageable--which doesn't loom soon enough for me. It seems that we're maxing out at an earlier point, with less accomplished, than we used to. We're going to have to get a low-maintenance yard and house next time, something we can stay in and not have to hire it all done for us. Age is an ever-more motivating factor.
There was one reward for it all, aside from the still-disassembled flowerbed: even though it was afternoon when I stopped to take a shower, I weighed myself. Even with all my walking, and not eating wheat or chocolate, my weight hadn't budged lower than one particular stubborn number for months. Today it was finally lower than it has been since probably 9 or 10 years ago! (Well, I shouldn't hold my breath. I weigh myself at night and think, "Hot dog! Tomorrow morning I should drop a couple pounds and get there!" And then the next morning, get this: I weigh more than when I went to bed at night. I don't think I'm sleep-walk-feasting, either. Breathing makes me gain weight. Sigh.) Still, today was a sign of hope, and I hope, I hope, I hope...maybe it will be the start of another decline in the numbers! I may just be an old lady with a clean yard and bursitis, but I'll be a thinner old lady with a clean yard and bursitis!

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theGracegirl said...

Congratulations, Mom! I'm so happy for you. We'll work out together this summer.

I love you. I can't wait to see you.