Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I Love my MP3! Join me in my Discoveries!

Lately I've made a neat discovery. Well, it's a discovery I was intending to make, to tell the truth. It's thanks to my mp3 player again. The main reason I asked for it at Christmas was so that I could listen to sermons, and so I've downloaded from oneplace.com, from sermonaudio.com, and from the chapel sermons from my daughter's Christian college. (She selectively told me who her favorite speakers were, and so I'm not saving the best for last!) I recommend this, it's a great way to fill in the quiet times--though I'm hardly saying all quiet times need filling in, but having a certain amount of favorable instruction instead keeps my mind on better track than if at times all that goes on in my head is my random thought process.
The neat thing is that you can choose according to speakers whose names you know; you can investigate other speakers (and as a result check out your discernment skills); you can choose sermon subjects that you feel are an appropriate focus for whatever you're facing in life, for whatever spiritual weakness you might see in yourself...it's just a great way to go and I highly recommend it.
I've found a few that I think are phenomenal. These aren't speakers who I was acquainted with previously (except one). Also, note that some of them have Irish and Scottish accents, which I find charming and strong to listen to; also a charming Chinese accent of one of the professors who my daughter says is highly considered. I intend to add to this list as I find more, Lord willing. Check out the following:

Do You Love Me?
This is the best explanation I've ever heard regarding Jesus and Peter, the "Feed My Sheep" discussion. He makes a number of great points in this sermon.
Pastor Joseph LoSardo, Bread of Life Fellowship

Dangerous Self-Talk and its Consequences (excellent!)
David Dykstra is the pastor of the Reformed Baptist Church of Lafayette in Lafayette, New Jersey

The Path to Burnout
Tom Chesko, Shalom Outreach Ministries

Barnabas, the Ministry of Encouragement

Denis Lyle, Denis Lyle Ministries

The Antidote to Affliction
Dr. Frank McClelland

Elijah’s Furnace of Affliction
Philip DeCourcy
Chapel at TMC
(most of the way down the webpage)

Running the Race of Faith (excellent! and we know this speaker from our previous church!)
Micah Lugg
Chapel at TMC
(at this writing, 2 items down the webpage)

Pray without Ceasing (this one is phenomenal and thorough!)
Dr. Daniel Wong
Chapel at TMC
(about ¾ of the way down the webpage)

Now don't try to figure out what is going on in my life from the titles of these sermons, because you'll find yourself completely misled. Still, I recommend these and you might consider either downloading them to an mp3 player yourself, or playing them on your computer at high volume so you can sit back (or do dishes) and listen to them.

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