Tuesday, November 06, 2007

We Have Every Help

I have a friend in Psalm 139. Back when I was pregnant with Tim, my doctor told me that she thought I would have to "terminate" that pregnancy...which of course I had no intention of doing, but it made the friends who knew me nervous. One pointed out that I should read Psalm 139, and while I was on two weeks' bed rest awaiting another ultrasound (why two weeks before the next one, I have no idea) I read it regularly. So its familiar and loving verses come back to me even now, almost ten years later, and assure me often--in so many contexts! Even today while I was on my morning walk around our cul-de-sac (500 steps each time around, 5 or 7 times), the verses came back..."You hem me in behind and before...such knowledge is too wonderful for me; it is too high, I cannot attain to it...search me, O God, and know my heart...lead me in the everlasting way." I wish I had it fully memorized (what a painful thing to have a frail mind), but all of it is familiar.
It holds the beauty of God's intimate care in creating us, and the fact that once He has done so, and launched us into our lives, He doesn't leave us there. He watches us, follows us, hems us in. The Scriptures elsewhere show just how much He does so: Jesus prayed for the people of that day in John 17, but also for us, and now intercedes for us; His Spirit intercedes for us; Paul writes his prayers to the Ephesians but more generally to the Gentiles and even more generally to all who would read the Scriptures, how we might be enlightened to know God's hope, riches and power "toward us who believe" and that we might comprehend the four-dimensional love of Christ, which surpasses knowledge and fills us to the fullness of God--who is in fact infinite. That's pretty full and overflowing!
He gives us the Scriptures, which most of us have available thankfully in their completeness at least in this part of the world...if only we were to access them to the fullest we would be proportionately more useful to God. He gives us circumstances in our lives that remind us of His goodness, such as answered prayer, the glory of His creation, the blessings that He rains down on us. He also gives us the fellowship of believers to encourage and help in that goal, to be iron sharpening iron and to use the Scriptures to benefit one another toward holiness. How can we respond to this except to love Him more and strive more toward obedience to Him? It shows the depth of our fallen nature that this at any time should be difficult. It isn't for lack of His availability toward us, but our lack of availing ourselves toward Him. Psalm 28:7

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