Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I'm a Little Strange Lately...

I have hardly been able to contain my excitement lately. Life is so good! God is so great! And that is basically why I am excited. What more does it need to be? Of course, life is always good, because it is from God and we have so many good things going on that we don't even notice, and because of that alone we should be so happy...but now we're at a church we're thrilled about; Katie's doing well at college; our home life is really good; I'm getting rooms decluttered and more usable; my health is good and I'm losing weight--therefore I have a great deal more energy. Not all these things have always been true--in fact, most of them are something of a change. I feel like jumping through ceilings, I'm feeling so good.
It might be that my natural state is a little on the exuberant side. Back when I was a kid my brother used to call me naturally high; my sister-in-law used to call me hyper when I first knew her. I think those traits were tempered by various issues over the years and the highs and hypers kind of went into hiding. But lately there are times when I just have to move to use up the energy--I barely remember being like that!
So when just everything is going so well, then all the tiny things make me all the more happy. I got a package off to Katie today, so I get to anticipate her calling me having gotten it. We're getting a new fireplace in today, and even though we might not have gotten it just for us (we're fixing the house up so we can move into a smaller one), until we sell we get to enjoy it. Tonight we're hosting a little class here--so I'll make a dessert and coffee. We're anticipating a great Thanksgiving. Then there are the after-Thanksgiving sales--my only thing with that is that I normally go with Katie, but won't be able to this year; maybe Tim. Then there's Christmas coming, which I can hardly believe. Life is good.
Besides that are the things we really don't think about much: living in a peaceful land, having the freedom to worship God, having bodies with all the needed parts in their proper places. Having heat, clothing, a roof, food. We aren't suffering from horrible addictions. We're at peace with God--through Jesus Christ. That is the crowning touch of all. Even if the other things weren't all true, peace with God through Christ would be enough that we should be excited--we who trust in Jesus for our eternal hope have all our sins forgiven and are spared eternal punishment; not only that but we are given heaven besides. That is enough to leap through ceilings about! When I think of it, back when my health was really good about 20 years ago, I didn't have Christ. Therefore, I am now in the best condition overall that I have ever experienced. So if you think I'm a bit strange lately, maybe I am. The one thing that makes me a little more sober is that you couldn't be so strange along with me! It's really your option--what do you have to rejoice in today? If it isn't Christ, then you can change that--pray to receive Him and have Him change your life and fill it with joy. 2 Corinthians 6:2, Behold, now is "the acceptable time"; behold, now is the "day of salvation"!

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Stacia said...

I look forward to joining you on morning walks in a few day's and regaining some of my energy and health. And who know's, Maybe your neighbor might sneak out in the wee hours of the morning with you to shop the great sales. Of course you will have to show me where the great deals are.