Thursday, November 08, 2007

Dropping the Wheat, Dropping the Weight

At the risk of sounding self-oriented, I want to share something that has amazed me, in case it might help someone else! I have discovered that dropping wheat from my diet (generally--can't seem to excise every grain of it, but it's much less wheat) has impacted me more than I can say. I dropped it about 8 months ago, because it caused aches in my muscles, bones, and connective tissue, in other words, basically everywhere.
With the elimination of wheat, my aches lessened and then stopped. It took me a while to learn what else I could eat instead, and I still haven't learned it in detail, but I'm getting better at it. The surprise was that I have incredibly more energy than I had before, I'm feeling better, and though it took months to start happening, I'm losing weight--feeling good enough to exercise, and my appetite is so very much smaller than it was--I think the lack of energy caused by feeling so bad made me eat more to try to increase it. The smaller appetite has recently caused a much faster weight loss. I am just feeling the best and happiest (for that and many reasons) that I've felt in 20 years at least, and weigh less than I've weighed in 10 years, and just wanted to share that so that if it might benefit another, you have my report--if you're hurting or your appetite won't stop, dump the wheat and see where it takes you.
God is great! But of course, we knew that.

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