Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Things That Bring Visitors to my Blog

I love to look at what brings people I don't know, or who don't know me, to my blog. I can look at my sitemeter and find out what Google search has brought them to view it. Then I wonder what thinking brought them to make that particular search.
The most prevalent is a search for something along the lines of "before I formed you in the womb I knew you." I suppose many of these are studying the Bible and are intrigued by this passage. How amazing it is to think that God knows us before we are even formed! This should cause a person to ponder the extreme love that God has for us; imagine how much we love a newborn baby we barely know--God has known that baby actually, the Bible says, since before the foundation of the world. And His love is perfect, complete, and infinite.
Some come looking up air-soft pellet guns. This makes me laugh some, because it's so incidental in my life--not really in our lives at all, though Tim has been pleading and haranguing me and finding any new angle to change my mind about letting him have one (he doesn't know, but I'm kind of softening on this one). The blog entry that readers might reach about this might not even have to do with air-soft guns but about the size of the earth in relation to the sun, and how enormous God's creation is.
Some come looking up bb guns. That's a humorous blog, since the only one I ever knew to shoot another person (other than with air-soft guns) was a pastor. (Not our latest one, but a few years back.)
Some come looking up Bonhoeffer, which somewhat concerns me because I blogged about him with really minimal knowledge about him. I quoted him, a quote that I've known for eons, it seems...without having read his writings...and then read an article about him, and blogged on that. So that might end up less than satisfying to the reader.
I find also that my siblings have looked up a family friend's name on Google and come across an entry I wrote about him--the first Christian I remember ever knowing, a Japanese man...who beat us at being kind. It made an impression on me! But I guess my blog made some impression on my family, because I note that it's been accessed three times, always by places where my family lives. I guess they weren't that interested in the rest of my blog, because only one of them looked anywhere else on it and hasn't been back to it since.
Someone recently looked up planarians' feeding habits. Believe it or not, they found a blog entry about it. I love that one. I hope they enjoyed it too--it has to do with contrasting focus on something a bit disgusting in contrast with focusing on the glory of God. I still remember vividly the occasion that brought me to write that one.
One came to look up cornual pregnancies; that one I particularly prayed for, because when my doctor thought my last pregnancy was cornual, she was recommending that I terminate it. That was the pregnancy that was Tim, who is now 10 years old, now playing in the basement with two of his friends...and who God knew before the foundation of the world.
My hope is that some of these people, even one, might read something here about God's goodness, His great wonders that He has done, that He has even chosen to do some of these great things for me, and that they might know that He would do great things for them as well. If only one person realizes the goodness of God as a result, not one letter that I have ever blogged would be a waste. And He is in all ways infinitely good, He's shown it in every aspect of my life.

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