Saturday, February 23, 2008

I'm Tuned in, and Tuned out...

Well, it's like Christmas all over again! Gary gave me an MP3 player for my Christmas present, and I'm so low-tech and slow that I just now got around to figuring out how to get things onto it. I wanted it so that I could listen to radio shows or music while I wander around the house and yard doing things. I go to and there is a great variety of speakers from which to choose--you can go to their archives and get a whole list of downloads for each speaker. Now I have John Piper playing on it. I've read some of his writings, but I haven't heard his voice that I recall. So I will become acquainted with that, and go on to other speakers as well. Elizabeth George is on there. I only have one of her books, and haven't heard her radio show.
So it will be like an ongoing Christmas, opening package after package as I hear these speakers while I go about my dishes, my taxes, my plumbing, my laundry. (Well, sort of. I'm very close to done with the taxes and plumbing, praise be to God! Dishes and laundry, well, those are job security.)
I gather you can even find language lessons that can be put on these things. So if I go around speaking Portuguese, don't think of it as miraculous. (Don't hold your breath, either.) And there are Scripture recordings for them as well. Maybe there are other "books on tape." I'm just starting to ponder the possibilities! Oh, and besides, did I say, you can listen to music?
One glitch--I haven't got anything to carry it in, except my pocket, so I find it turns off what I'm listening to, and perhaps goes on to the next thing. I'm going to have to find a solution to that (I think there are things you can fasten to yourself rather than carry it in a pocket), or it might become too much of an aggravation.
So if you're talking to me, and I don't answer, look at my ears. If they have little wires leading to them, I'm sorry, I've been tuning you out. It may make me less tolerable--it may make me more so. If I listen more and talk less, that may be an improvement.

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