Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Air-Soft Pellet Guns, BB-Guns and a Shocking Pastor

On the way home from our Ephesians study, Tim was talking about air-soft pellet guns, because they are his latest obsession, especially considering that he has a birthday looming and he also just received an appallingly extravagant $20 for having taken care of a neighbor dog for one day. Our neighbor boys have for years been obsessed with playing air-soft gun wars to the point that there's hardly a square foot of our yard that I can imagine is free of 10 or 20 of these pellets. Tim has been finding that many of his friends have the guns, and whether he has one seems to be the first question he's asked by them when he visits. I have come to use as my main argument, much to Tim's chagrined exasperation, "You'll shoot your eye out with it." This is a bit of education I received from a movie lent to us, "The Christmas Story," a silly movie where this is a mother's everlasting response to the kid's desire for a bb-gun.
Tim was commenting on how much weaker air-soft pellet guns are than bb-guns, and how boys can be hurt pretty badly by bbs. In response I said, "The only person I ever knew to have shot anyone was a pastor." The pastor at a church we attended about 10 years ago had told as some sermon illustration how as a kid he had shot his neighbor girl in the stomach using a bb-gun. I neglected to tell Tim all the details that we had been given, but I told him that the pastor had shot the girl in the stomach with a bb-gun. "Why did he do that?" Tim asked. I said, "Well, maybe the girl was a little like (insert name of a neighbor girl who, true to her character, at one time has hit Tim with a baseball bat)." This made perfect sense to Tim. "Did the neighbors sue him?" I said I didn't think so, but they weren't very happy with him. Tim sounded more and more incredulous as the story progressed. "Did you know him when he did it?" I had to laugh. "Oh, no, he was a kid when it happened." One small missing detail that made all the difference...

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theGracegirl said...

I love it! This is hilarious. Tim must have been so disgusted by that Pastor's conduct until that point. So fun.

I love you muchly! :) Give the Timinator a hug for me.