Thursday, March 30, 2006

Misheard Ramblings, Yellow Jell-O, and all

I think I ought to start, just for laughs, a misheard ramblings blog to which I might add new entries every now and then. We got our first one today. Katie has the flu and I was offering Jell-O. She didn't like the mental picture of the mess that could make (I usually make red, and that scene is the reason I bought our first carpet cleaner, if you understand). So I was pondering yellow, and yellow Jell-O reminded me about a song, "I'm just mad about Saffron..." Definitely a stupid song, but it came to mind and I was be-bopping to it a little in the kitchen. Tim, a room away, said "I'm just a bladder box Akron?"
Shows how important it is to make sure that the hearer understands the speaker. How many times am I misunderstood so badly in a day and it's not brought to my attention? Another pointer is how useful it would have been not to go into too much anatomy detail with a boy until it's absolutely necessary. (Sigh.)


Gods girl said...

Poor Katie i hape she gets better :(


my favorite misheard rambling was when a friend and I were talking about Nicole Kidman, and a friend of ours thought we were talking about Ho Chi Min.