Sunday, September 09, 2007

A New Link on my Blog for your Enjoyment

Okay, another blog. I got distracted and started updating my links. So in the process I went and explored who others were linking and since Katie links Get Fuzzy, it brought me back to the days when she was here and we would laugh together over that comic strip. I relate rather strongly to the dog in the strip, my good friend Satchel--I rather think I look like him, and that I also think somewhat like him too. I almost think we would fit in the same clothes--sigh. (One thing I have to take exception to, and that is that I gather he's a Democrat...and I most certainly am not, and without apology. There may be more travesties; I haven't been reading it for a while.)
I'm not sure who the corresponding cat would be, except maybe Tim on his more mischievous days or even rather malicious moments...still, I'm thankful he's Tim and not Bucky. He does bear resemblance to Bucky in more than one way, however, and I'll leave that for you to explore.
Who would the man be? I'm not sure. Gary doesn't usually interfere in these moments of conflict. I'm not sure either where Katie belongs in all this. Maybe I'd better explore some more comic strips, and we can morph them.
So now you know how to get to Get Fuzzy online. Enjoy! (And don't you see the resemblance? Katie doesn't express disagreement on this one. Sigh.)

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theGracegirl said...

Mom, you are crazy funny! I laughed super loud in the study lounge. Thanks alot. :)
I love you.