Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Honk (and Smile) if You See Us!

At 7-9:00 this morning Katie and I continued waving and holding campaign signs. (In case you wonder, our signs are for Stephen Johnson and John Groen for two state Supreme Court positions. These are property rights proponents, in contrast to the record of their competitors.) Gary and Tim were impossible to get up; Gary had an interview later today and needed his rest, so we left them alone.
We chose the curb outside of Marysville's biggest Starbucks, knowing the local penchant for legal addictive stimulants. It was cold outside! The property where we stood was having yardwork done, and a man with a blower managed to blow quite a bit of debris into our faces as we stood there, backing up as fast as we could. We saw various members from our church go by; policeman Kit stopped a driver and gave him a ticket, and waved at us as he left. By the time we were done we were stiff with cold.
Because Katie and I have both received Starbucks gift cards that at such times burn like embers in our pockets, we got to enjoy the luxury of some hot caffeine and the warmth of the indoor brown chatty atmosphere of their coffee shop. While we were there, four people from Grace arrived. (I'm pretty sure our church accounts for at least half of Marysville Starbucks' profits.) We might go to Starbucks and actually sit once in six or ten months...if that. We buy the stuff maybe once per month, if that (this is the second time this week thanks to these cards). So it was very much a treat and a luxury to sit in such a place and get our mobility back into our joints.
In an hour and a half we'll be waving and holding signs again. Let us know if you are going past us, will you?


Leila said...

I'll definitely wave and honk! If I'm with Andy, he'll probably hang half-way out the car and yell really loudly :)

NeverAlone said...

We'd love that! Careful not to fall out...
By the way, if it's just two of us, we go facing the most traffic--which is also facing the direction of the sun: East in the morning, West in the afternoon.
Today we saw Gale going one way (she didn't see us) and then Helen going the other. Neato!


Funny, sometimes you can mistake our local Starbucks for a small fellowship hall. You overhear a lot of theological talk. In the secular world, I guess going to Starbucks is as close as a lot of people get to church.