Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Could it be a Pack of Monkeys?

Tonight Katie and I started attending the WOW (Women of the Word) evening Bible study at church. I thought that everything was under control--read, my control--that just the right amount of things were making up my fall schedule. That was, until Tim said, "Do they have a place for kids at night?"--referring to how last year he attended a homeschool study time while I went to the study in the morning session. Of course, this year he wants badly to attend, when last year his enthusiasm rose and fell week by week. When they announced last Sunday that they needed someone in the mornings to work in the nursery, I thought about how well the need dovetailed with Tim's request. I wouldn't miss the study; Tim would still (theoretically) get his homeschooling done for the day; and the nursery need would be filled. Okay. I know a nudge when I feel it. So starting tomorrow, I'm watching the babies and Tim's going to class. I have a tendency to mentally look askance at this "loss of time" in my selfish desire to get things done around the house. I know, though, that when all is said and done, watching the babies will be a huge reward and I'll wonder how I could have ever thought of not being there. I even get to work with another woman who I don't know well, but I would like to know will be good.
Never mind my housekeeping. So when you come over and it (still) looks like a pack of monkeys got loose and stayed about a month, give me the benefit of the doubt. Maybe they didn't. Maybe they did. Who's to tell?

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