Saturday, July 01, 2006

O Canada Day!

Today is Canada Day. Did you know that? July 1! Wha-ha! Did you know all the ways to celebrate? It is traditional that children massage their mothers' feet on Canada Day. Oh, also they vacuum her floors. And it is traditional that the oldest girl makes dinner. Isn't that fun?
And what else? Oh, well the mom gets a nap, if the husband can be home to watch the kids. And kids bring in some flowers for their mom to pop into a vase.
What, you say you never heard this before? Well, no time like the present to institute a new family tradition. I wager that you'll see the merit in it.
Now we need to discuss how to celebrate National Aviation Day on August 19. It's very similar to Canada Day. The only difference is that the husband barbecues dinner.
If you comment wanting more how-tos regarding the proper celebration of little-known holidays, I will happily respond further.

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