Friday, July 28, 2006

Cain't Get Good Help, Nowadays...

Well, I hate to say that it happened again. We'd had our siding project started by a man whom we heard would be fired because of his poor work (which at our house they had to undo and redo)...well, out of the four men they've sent since, two more have probably met the same fate.
The supervisor came out a while back and drew a line all the way around the house at the same level, from which all the boards are supposed to be at exact intervals.
Katie and I had left for a few hours this morning and returned to some bad news from Zeke, one of the two remaining workers. He said, "Go and look at the side of the garage." I had no idea--was there a huge hole punched in the wall? What could it be? I got there and the wall, which had been completely covered with new siding when we left, was now bare--the boards had to be removed there and wherever the men had worked without direct oversight from Zeke.
The two who were longest at the job have been working according to instructions, but two newer workers just up from California started on the job the other day and today it was found that their application of the boards was one inch off; they weren't following instructions. So again, the work they had done was not an asset but a detriment and a slowdown.
I'm happy with the company who contracted the work, that they are exacting and willing to take measures to see that the work is done right. I'm sorry to see that it's so hard to find workers who will simply do what they're told. And one of the three who left claimed to be a Christian; another of the three attended a church nearby and I don't suspect he was a believer. I don't know about the last one. But the shameful thing is that the two best workers, friendly and easy to work with, have been unbelievers, while presumable believers have shamed the name of Christ.



There are so many ways for believers to bring shame on the name of Christ. I pray I am not doing this in my life.

Tk log said...

Me too. I believe I have been one of those guys in my lifetime... I pray that I am not like that now.