Monday, October 27, 2008

One Singular Specific Reason Why I Will Vote Against Obama

I was out weeding my unruly vegetable garden--which I never planted this year since it was too cold and wet too late into the spring, but we've had a phenomenal crop of weeds that I've never been able to keep up with. As it is, about half is still covered with weeds though I've been working hard on it. While I work, I ponder the issues that have recently surfaced in my life. Today, though it's hardly my favorite topic, I pondered the election.
I used to be passionately political, as if all earthly hope depended on my work (knowing logically of course that it couldn't even fully depend on the president)...and I got passionately burned out. I am thankful that I got burned out so fast, rather than further into the game, because I look back and really don't see that my place in it was all that fruitful or well-guided. If this seems a digression, I'm just setting the stage, relating my mindframe. When this political season heated up, I went about my business and did my best to ignore it. I didn't like either candidate. I still am not crazy about them. But I've found that I have to take a crazy-against-the-worst stance in order to roust any feeling in this campaign. And I've found specific material that defines the worst candidate, from my perspective, and I can say that I am now rather crazy against him.
It all came about in a very roundabout way. Katie's off to college and I keep tabs on her in a significant way via facebook. Lately, she and her schoolmates started up a website mockingly in favor of Obama, to the point that at first glance someone could think she went hook, line and sinker for him, and not only that, went a little more extreme than he had ever gone--which from what I read, is a rather extreme place to land. And I stress that it was all a mockery; but she got various messages from loving and supportive friends warning and pleading that she check her details a little bit further. I am very grateful to have such friends who check in on her! I love them! And I myself learned from what they had to share, particularly from the link to a Snopes article (Snopes is a website that investigates whether things such as "urban legends" that go around the internet are true or not) that related some facts about Obama, and had determined them to be true. I learned more than I wanted to know. I am thankful to know that God is in control and I have no reason to fear--or I would be afraid this moment, thinking that Obama could become our next president.
The defining issue for me is not just the pro-life issue, though that would be enough; it isn't the fact that Obama is documented by his voting record as more liberal than Clinton or Kennedy. It is Obama's murderous mindset that wants to keep a horrendous practice legal--not just regular abortion, that everyday (and also horrendous) practice that is such an old issue as to almost evoke yawns, an "oh, that issue again" type of reaction from hearers. How much more heinous can a person be than to perform an abortion, the killing of an unborn baby? Let me tell you, too, that last I heard, in every state in the union, abortion is legal right up to the point of delivery. That is heinous, but not what I'm referring to.
In my book there's a level that is more heinous and unthinkable, and Obama fights for this level of incredible practice to remain legal. It was for years legal to perform what is called "partial birth abortion," where the practitioner holds the feet of the almost-completely-born living, squirming baby, and violently enters the base of the cranium to suck out the brains of the baby, and then brings the limp dead baby into the world. I'm not sure what except just a murderous heart would motivate a mother or a practitioner to engage in such a thing, but there can't be any good or valid or even understandable motive though supporters claim it can be for the health of the mother. It's unthinkable. Obama voted to keep it legal in our country, on our soil, where we could vote in a candidate who would oppose it, and he wants your vote. He won't get mine, for this reason, if only this reason. I will vote for McCain, who doesn't excite the socks off of me, just if only for the hope of ending the practice of partial birth abortion on our soil.
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