Tuesday, December 04, 2007

A Corkscrew Encouragement

When I was preparing for Thanksgiving, I got some flowers from Costco for a centerpiece. The hardest part was gathering a container and some oasis, the foam stuff that holds the flowers in place, from the garage. The flowers were really pretty cheerful, complete with a branch of little peppers and some corkscrew willow branches. You would think they would all last forever, they looked alive, except the branches, which looked lifeless.
Here a couple of weeks later, though, the flowers were fading and the little peppers had shriveled. The surprising thing was that the seemingly dead branches were starting to sprout tiny green leaves--and when I pulled the arrangement apart to compost it, I found that the branches had even developed little roots! I now have four new corkscrew willows in the making, sitting over my sink. I hope they make it to the more temperate spring weather so I can plant them outside.
I love corkscrew willows. We had one in front of our house when I was a teenager. Even though it always dropped little branches all over the yard, it was my favorite tree we ever had. A couple of silver thaws tore it apart more or less, but it recovered and it was always pretty. I've always wanted one. Now I have four!
You find promise sometimes in the least promising places--and sometimes the places where you might have the highest expectations, the biggest disappointments occur, as would have happened if I expected those pretty flowers to take root and last as plants--they sure seemed more lively than the branches, but how deceptive that was! Actually, I'll have to find recipients for the other three trees. I only need one, especially now that I know the branches can start new plants so well. If you want one, you just have to stop by and get it! And allow some time to have some coffee and visit a while.

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theGracegirl said...

I'll visit awhile, but I don't think Aida would appreciate me planting a corkscrew willow in the middle of the room. I'll take some coffee, but I'll have to pass on the tree...

Mom, seriously, I'm so happy for you though. I know you've always liked those. I just don't know why I never thought of getting a little one for you to start! I'm glad God gave you them in abundance. He takes care of you even when I can't be there. Makes me happy.