Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Good News for Gary

Today Gary called to tell me he had good news. He is getting a new company car! He's one of the newest people in the office, and he gets the newest car because he was given the oldest car in the office. When he got his oldest car, a pretty old white station wagon (don't expect me to know the brand or year--I'm doing pretty well to know it has 4 wheels) with coca-cola written on the sides and back, it was dirty and smelly and filled with dog hair everywhere. He got it cleaned out and has been using it with as good an attitude as he could muster. After all, it is a company car, and he has a gas card so he doesn't have to pay for gas, and he gets to drive it home. So all in all, even the old one was definitely a huge blessing. But he hasn't seen fit to give me a ride in it. I'm just as happy about that.
The funny thing in all of this is that while he was looking askance at it, the very fact that it was the oldest, ugliest, and furriest of all the cars made him eligible to be the envy of the office in getting a new one.
He told me what kind the new one is. I don't remember. I assume it's a 2007. And I'm pretty sure it has 4 wheels. (Give me a break, I haven't even seen it yet.) Is God not great!? Of course He is, we knew that.



Personally, I find cars with only two wheels- a front right and a back left-to be a lot more fun and challenging!

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is a fine car in deed. I get to see it everyday because I live next door to it and I must say the shiney gleem comming from Gary's new work car is blinding. :-)I think Im going to go have a coke and a smile. Yae! Gary! And YES God is truly good!

NeverAlone said...

I still don't remember what it's called. It's white, though! It has three initials, like FFV (or is that Future Farmers of Virginia?) or something like that...it's old-fashioned looking. It has a cd player, which will go to waste, because Gary just listens to the radio. (sigh.) Katie particularly thought that was a shame. I get to drive it, too, at least when Gary's not working...maybe I'll use the cd player myself.