Monday, March 12, 2007

Pushing Coke, and it's a good thing

Well, the latest news for our family is that after 15 months of unemployment, Gary has a new job! I haven't given out specifics on the length of time between jobs on our blog because I didn't care to elicit an excessive impression that we needed help...well, we always need help, as all of us do, in that we need the prayer support and encouragement that others give; but it was at times impossible to fully impress upon others that we were not at the complete end of our finances and that our cupboards were really fully stocked throughout the 15 months. Yes, our savings dwindled--we tapped into retirement pay, which they say is a cardinal rule NOT to do; but I do believe that God intended it for this time and not for some day about 11 years away--which I know isn't as long as it might sound to some. We'll barely inhale and exhale and there it will be. Still, God has provided incredibly through a great many ups and downs, and we have found that bank funds have a way of rising and falling with the tide, and they are, after all, just a number. My main concern about finances is that the number stays black and not red, and it did, praise God. He is good, He is faithful, and He always provides for His own.
So now Gary is working at Coca-Cola. I enjoy the joke that for years (as a pharmaceutical rep, to those who don't know) he sold a great variety of drugs, and now he's pushing Coke. Pharmaceutical companies seem to have determined that their favored population to hire as sales reps are young females. Gary is not so young, nor at all female, so he had two insurmountable hurdles that he tried hard to overcome, but I think that in the long run it was better to go with something else. Surely he will find that though Coke has a totally different culture than pharmaceutical, it is far kinder to its employees--Gary is used to jobs where he works all his waking hours, and now he comes home at 5 p.m. and is done. Done for the night! What a concept!
I am looking forward to seeing what transpires with his newfound time structure. He had all that time off, but much of the time he was ironically looking for work--and he may be less occupied now that he is working than he was when he was unemployed. Today he came home from work, and Tim wanted to go outside with him and play with walkie talkies--so they did, they walked to the park and down to a creek where Tim loves to dig and splash and always comes home with a rock that he is convinced is gold. So good! May it continue such. God is great, life is good. Of course we knew that.

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I'm so glad for your family!!! God always is faithful to His people. I've yet to see one in need. Martin Lloyd Jones said of The Lord's Prayer, that if we can address God as Our Father, we can stop there. All our needs are met by having God as our Father. I may have said that before, but it bears repeating!