Tuesday, October 10, 2006

It's a Beautiful Year

It's amazing to me that it's already October. And it's beautiful all around...the sky, the leaves, the slight chill in the air, in contrast with this hottest summer on record that just passed. Well, all in all, I'm liking this year. We've had our house re-sided, which instead of the three weeks they promised, turned into a three-month job, because the supervisor Erik kept assigning the workers to other jobs. One of the two remaining workers (of the five that were assigned to our house--three were fired), Mike, recently quit because of pay issues. So in addition to the extension of the work itself, they don't even take good care of their employees. Zeke is planning to go into real estate. He'd be good at it, too. We definitely liked Mike and Zeke. (Seems to me there's a Dr. Seuss scene with a Mike and Zeke, isn't there? Something about pushing a bike up a hill?) It appears that they only hire people whose name ends with the "k" sound.
They've finally replaced the window that they broke, and twice I've had to make lists of neglected issues that they needed to address. All that's left is a hose rack that was wrecked when Jake (the first fired) tore it off the house while one bolt was still intact. They've ordered it now, and it should only be three more weeks. Meanwhile the bulk of the cost languishes in our account waiting to pay them, and we have to be careful to keep it there available and not spend it. I don't know whether this is the way they normally do business, but I can't imagine it's the most profitable.
At any rate, the house is looking good at least on the outside. I notice that we have a bit more pride of ownership--we're messy types overall (not that I don't try to be tidy, it's just a lot more work than I can accomplish!), but I'm trying harder and harder to keep things cleaned up and attended to so it continues to look nice. Gary also--he's refinished the deck, painting the railings to match the house, and took a lot of time and care to do it right. It would be really good if we could fix up the kitchen. We very well may sell the house next year, and the kitchen cupboards and floor at 13 years old are getting really shabby--they weren't the highest quality when they were installed. But we have to wait. When and if Gary gets a new job before then, we'll consider that possibility.
It's been a very content year. We've pretty much stayed at home, which I can really enjoy and appreciate; home schooling is going well--I've learned that the trick with Tim is to stay seated with him while he does it. If I get up, that's when he gets squirrelly and distracted. Having Katie in college instead of at home during the early part of the day helps reduce his distraction too. She's enjoying that, as well--finding old friends, getting to know new ones, liking the classroom environment which is for the most part a new experience for her. A neighbor family drives her to school, her friend Josh drives her back and occasionally she takes the bus. Her everyday horizons have been pushed out just a little. A good adjustment year before she goes off to live elsewhere and go to college. Life is good, and God is absolutely great. But of course, we knew that, didn't we?



I'm glad you had a good and content year. Me too. Despite trials (actually just one really big trial), I've tried my hardest to have fun, enjoy fellowship, and serve where and when I can. I take photos to remind me of all the fun, family, and friendly fellowship I've enjoyed.(Can you tell I go to a church where the sermon points all begin with the same letter? I forgot what that's called, but I notice it a lot in my writing . . . unconsciously imitating others' writing and speaking styles.) I am currently reading "The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment", which was written during the time of the plague, when congregants were physically afflicted and limited in fellowship and service opportunities, so it is very apropos to me.

NeverAlone said...

I will have to look for that book. The trials that everyone would consciously avoid are those that lead us through a better understanding of the best that God has to offer us in this life. And this I say while mine have been (especially in recent years) quite light and momentary in comparison to so many I've heard of...still, He is so near in the most challenging of times.
I am thankful to know you, who seem to aim for the best in life regardless of what trials you have been given.
As far as writing styles, I feel compelled to say, you are a rare jewel who regards Jesus with real joy. Sorry if it's a little contrived...it's true enough, no?

theGracegirl said...

"I would send you a bouquet of sharpened pencils if I just knew your name and address."


C.A.-Thank you. That went in my compendium of uncommonly complimentary quotes. Congratulations on being in my book!

K.T.-Is that a famous quote? Very nice of you.

NeverAlone said...

"Languish" has been my unofficial word of the month. I think now it will officially change to "compendium." Perhaps a little more challenging to seemingly casually integrate into sundry conversation.

NeverAlone said...

Yes, now that I looked it up to make sure I use it right, I realize I just made a compendium of sorts, of the last year.
Katie says after merely one comment, "I think I'm already tired of the word compendium."