Saturday, August 19, 2006

Global economy: many trips across the ocean, many nationalities involved

Yesterday at breakfast I asked our three Japanese girls whether there was a store they had seen that they wanted to go to again. They looked at each other for their characteristic quiet moments, and discussed in their typical short quiet Japanese sentences what they wanted to answer. Then Ai said, "Target!" So that's where I took them.
We had been there the other day and they loved the greeting cards. This time they looked through the $1 items and then the school supplies, the office supplies, the art and craft and scrapbooking materials, the health and beauty aids, and then the snacks. Finally after about 1 1/2 hours they were ready to leave. Never saw so much more of Target than I cared to--though as if to assist in enjoying the process, God had us bump into three different family groups from the church: Becca W and her mother and kids; three of the McAuliffes; and Katie H and her mom and new baby Emmett.
As we were waiting for the girls to check out, Katie and I noted how the girls contributed about $100 in just this store visit to the American economy. Yet, not entirely to ours: most of the items were probably made in China. Maybe with American material. Even then perhaps much of that was harvested by a Mexican labor force. We really are in a global economy of sorts! And by the end of this month, those items will be headed on their way back across the Pacific, to Japan.

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