Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Boys and Underarms

Today we stopped in to a Grocery Outlet store to see what serendipitous finds were there for us. Tim stated on the way in that he wanted to buy some hair gel; he's been asking for it off and on for a while. Going through that area searching for his little vanity-pleaser, Tim noted that perhaps he would also benefit from having deodorant. Well, Tim of course associates this with the rite of passage of "growing up," and therefore it sounds good to him; we thought it was a great idea--anything that smells good on Tim is a good thing.
When we got home, first thing he looked for (other than a candy bar that he had to reserve for after lunch) was his hair gel. He went in and came out looking very spruced up. Which is strange because I positively love his hair in its natural state if it's clean...he has a great cowlick that runs the whole width of his forehead so his bangs fly straight up like the look so many guys goop up to get. Without goop in it, his hair has a great soft, thick texture and I can't imagine goop seeming like an improvement.
Next thing he came out into the kitchen with his deodorant applied, and lifted up his shirt to display the not-visibly-changed look of his underarms. With a sigh he said that he couldn't wait for his armpits to grow hair. I loved how unabashed he was!
That reminds me of when my younger brother was hitting that age and lifted his arms up for some reason out on our deck, and I noticed a couple of hairs there. I commented in surprise, and he looked startled at me but said nothing. Next thing I knew, I went into the house, and happened to pass by his open bedroom. As I looked in I was amused to see him standing in front of the mirror with his arms up in the air. He was not happy at my amusement, but it was a memorable moment.

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That is pretty funny!!!